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TOBACCO REPORTER • "Dissecting their Drives"

Updated: 6 days ago

"Dissecting their Drives" article written by Jessica Parker-Zdinak Ph.D. and published by Tobacco Reporter (JULY 2023), Zdinak focuses on understanding consumer motivations to help nicotine users move towards reduced harm products. The article emphasizes the importance of long-term behavior change and highlights the challenges faced by scientists, public health experts, and the tobacco industry. Jessica delves into the basic principles of behavior change, specifically operant conditioning, to propose effective strategies for driving positive shifts in consumer behavior. By identifying satisfying and pleasurable experiences for individual smokers, the article suggests developing a consumer-focused portfolio of nicotine/tobacco products for harm reduction. Success in this complex industry requires a deep understanding of consumer perspectives and collaboration to overcome obstacles.

"Without federal government research experience, many people have questions on how to work with the regulator versus against them. Finding the right partnership within and outside your organization to help with these complexities is key to succeeding in this complex industry. Your consumer is a person with inward thoughts and feelings that drive their outward behavior—if you focus on understanding these aspects, you can’t go wrong." READ MORE here:


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