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ARAC Summit Annual Meeting: Unveiling the Path to Progress

ARAC has some thrilling updates to share about the remarkable transformations taking place lately. We're delighted to introduce several NEW HIRES have joined our esteemed team, each bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to enhance our capabilities.

🎓 Meet soon-to-be-Dr. Ian Jones:

We are thrilled to welcome Ian Jones, who will be graduating with a Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology and Statistics in May. Ian's expertise and fresh perspectives make him a fantastic addition to our expanding Behavioral Scientist group, now consisting of four brilliant minds.

👩‍⚕️ Welcome Brianne Becht, MMS, PA-C & Elizabeth DeMartini, BSN, RN:

Brianne Becht and Liz DeMartini have joined our team to serve as a dynamic duo in-house Medical Monitoring Team enhancing our standardization and facility training with on-site clinical assessments and proper sample distribution.

These new additions mark a significant step forward for ARAC, reinforcing our commitment to excellence and innovation. We are enthusiastic about the prospects of collaborating with you and your team in the future.

In December, ARAC hosted its Annual Meeting in Richmond, Virginia, a dynamic gathering that set the stage for transformative years ahead. Engaging content, in-depth training, networking, and a laundry list of ACTION ITEMS!

We have streamlined workflows and project timeline processes with top-tier technology tools in place. New ARAC clients will welcome these benefits and current clients will migrate to it. As we gear up for the New Year, ARAC has developed a strategic plan that will guide us in evolving and achieving our goals for 2024 and beyond! ARAC is ready.


• “It was useful information, extremely organized, and beneficial to everyone. It was also fun, and great to see everyone!”

• “Thank you for all this great information and for organizing everything so clearly for us!”

• “SO EXCITED. Thank you so much for that presentation. That was hyper organized and some real proper onboarding; I feel much more prepared.”


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