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"Everything we do is data driven
and evidence based to make
informed decisions. You have
- Dr. Brian King, Director of FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products


Brain Scans

Social and behavioral sciences research firm known for designing, executing, and presenting customizable SOLUTIONS to manufacturers,

public health advocates, regulatory agencies,

and industry consultants.

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Research excellence,

trusted results, and a partner that understands YOUR business needs.

Your trusted partner... where SCIENCE

meets SUCCESS.




Dr. Jessica Zdinak

CEO, Chief Research Officer

Dr. Jessica Zdinak is an Eastern Shore of Virginia native who received a B.S. in Psychology from Christopher Newport University, and a M.S. and Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology & Statistics from Oklahoma State University. Dr. Zdinak has dedicated 20 years working as a behavioral scientist in a variety of settings, including academic, federal government, public health, and industry, and now serves as Chief Research Officer of a leading U.S. based Contract Research Organization, ARAC. 


Her team services both U.S. and International clients in their product development and consumer research supporting innovation and “next generation” products, with a focused expertise on the regulatory sciences for U.S. applications including: ITPs, PMTAs, MRTPAs, SEs, 510(k), and Breakthrough Designations. 


The ARAC firm specializes in providing boutique-level personalized research services, combining their expertise in psychology, statistics, and behavior change, with a focus on the consumer, and the role of the regulator. Their triangular approach has proven successful across a variety of studies, including label development and comprehension, human factors/usability, clinical behavioral studies, specifically randomized experimental trials, TPPI, and

post-market surveillance systems.



ARAC has transformed from a consulting firm to a fully-staffed contract research firm. Expanded team brings unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring comprehensive and impactful results. It's not just a change; it's a revolution!

Internal team of psychologists, statisticians, behavioral scientists, and business development specialists boast over a half century industry expertise offering tailored research solutions with unparalleled integrity and an exceptional client experience. In-house Medical Monitoring Team enhancing our standardization and facility training with on-site clinical assessments and proper sample distribution. CLICK HERE for an ARAC Directory.

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Known for designing, executing, and presenting customizable SOLUTIONS to manufacturers, public health advocates, regulatory agencies, and industry consultants. Trusted partnerships developed across global health organizations, consumer protection technologies, tobacco harm reduction industry, and private businesses.

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ARAC's scientific approach incorporates perception and behavior,

engagement tools, and systematic research reviews of proven

principal methods to optimize clientele cost and drive growth.

What Clients Say...

"Jessica is extremely passionate about her craft, both the theoretical concepts and the statistical quantitative aspects. You want a hard worker who is always thinking and learning to design and conduct your studies, analyze the voluminous data, and tell your story. Jessica is that person."
- Analytical Chemist Consultant
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