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Sponsorship & Giving Back


Owning a business takes guts, tears, sweat, and uncertainty. It can also bring great satisfaction in knowing that your mission and goal serves a purpose greater than your own. It was my honor and privilege for ARAC to sponsor part of renovating a local school gymnasium and cafeteria. Currently the students wait outside the gym for the gym class to finish before going into eat their lunch. This renovation will allow for a new gym space as well as a separate lunch area for students to enjoy the company of their friends! With this sponsorship came the first official marketing piece for our company. Check it out below!

For me personally, and at the foundation of ARAC is the belief that our greatness is measured not on what we have, but on how much we give to others and that which we do unto others.

ARAC - Final Flyer for SMCS GALA
Download PDF • 36.81MB


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