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As the end of the year is upon us, most of us spend some time reflecting on the year that has passed. It is likely that we will remember most the events that have happened most recently; otherwise known in social psychology as “the recency effect.” As humans we tend to remember events, feelings, thoughts, behaviors, etc. that have happened within close proximity to today. So maybe as you reflect this year, remember this, and try to think of your life 6 months ago, 8 months ago, even 10 months ago. Remember that it’s difficult and may take some effort to remember and truly “be” in the distant past compared to the most recent past.

And as you reflect, I bet you will find that you have progressed more than you think. Maybe you had strong attitudes about a certain topic back in January but have come across differing opinions or evidence to have changed your thoughts slightly. That’s growth. Or maybe you believed there was no way you could take on a specific project at work, but you did – even if you didn’t knock it out of the park, you took it on and finished it. That’s growth. And for some of us, we had major changes in our lives that shook us to our core, and we felt fear. But we let that fear drive us rather than bury us. We felt the fear, went out on the limb, and found that not only did the limb not break but it flourished as the brightest tree in the woods. That is growth.

Be here today. But remember that your past also has a story to tell. Happy New Year!

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